F​-​13 Demo

by Bloody Show

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Recorded 11.2.13
N.4th & Tompkins

(near the old house of pleasure and just a stones throw away from where Jerry Wick died)


released November 3, 2013

recorded, mixed and mastered at the
used toy store in Columbus, OH



all rights reserved


e.react@gmail.com Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Magic Negro
The Token Black
The Moulignon
The Super-Soul
The Son of God
The Brother Man
the one you think you know...

I ain't your magic...

The Michael Clarke Duncan fans
light or dark
girl or man
bagger vance, it's all just a fucking show

I ain't your magic....

The more you talk,
the more you show that you don't care.
You fetishize and asking her to touch her hair
I caught you give her a long brown sugar stare.

I gotta put up with this shit everywhere,
I ain't a novelty, and I don't fucking care!!!
Track Name: My Ways
I know the truth in your lies
the ones you fail to realize
I know that you've got no soul
and where there should be is just a hole... oh yeah, yeah.

You don't know my ways.
Track Name: Back on the Trac
Back on the trac, had to dump it in the trash
cop another piece when I go to get the stash
tool up in the glove box burner glow and ash
sticky sweet bubble kush flavored strain of hash

I'm back on the trac

Back on the trac, got a call from county jail
popped with a pearl 20 grams of fishscale,
booked on public intox resisted cops and failed
now I'm selling all my shit just to get you out of jail

I'm back on the trac
Track Name: Anonymous Cock
In a bathroom stall
up against a wall
deep in the bush
down to the balls

"I'm gonna make you cum..." X 3
cuz when you do, you know that we're done!"

You're just an anonymous cock
don't mistake this for something its not
just one more anonymous cock, Oh No
don't look so sad...

Back at your place
sat on your face
and took it out
to take a taste

"I wanna watch you cum..." X 3
cuz when you do, you now that we're done!"

Track Name: Gendernaut
Yeah, I sail
the sex.

Cause I'm a gendernaut